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Be Sure to Read & Agree to the Studio Safety Policy

What's That Bump?

For consistency and reference,

See link included below for the most current In-Studio aftercare consultation.

Please make sure to read through and follow the directions in your aftercare sheet

that was provided during your in studio visit.

It is important to understand the differences from irritations and infections

and the Normal indications of a new piercing.

Welcome to the Problematic Ear Piercing Aftercare Program

As mentioned during the in studio consultation,

These similar conditions can be typically from improper, irregular, inconsistant, insufficient

or other aftercare techniques including moving the piercing when it has not been

completely soaked free and or failing to sufficiently compress the backside of the piercing.

These conditions mentioned can accumulate especially in the back of a piercing and form of a sack,

blister, bump, bubble or a pimple and can look filled or erupt with fluid

that can be reddish, whitish, yellowish and sometimes greenish.

The surrounding tissue can appear as a raised or an elongated red or dark purple bump.

Soaking the ear piercing site which entails actually soaking the piercing

and not just applying drops onto the ear piercing

must all be to specifications in order to ensure the proper aftercare techniques

are performed to achieve the most effective aftercare success.

Similar conditions to those pictured above have be observed by mistakenly

just using a swab or cotton tip during aftercare cleaning procedures.

A swab is not efficient for aftercare cleaning procedures.

The Tearing of tissue and Dead cell waste can build up and look exhibit signs mentioned.

It is very important to remove Dead cell waste, fluids, debris, buildup or crust out and away from the 

piercing by diligently and thoroughly following both aftercare cleaning procedures.

The Most Common Causes are Improper, Irregular, Inconsistent or Insufficient

Aftercare cleaning procedures such as:

Moving, rotating or tearing a dry or insufficiently soaked piercing.

Improper or lack of sufficient compressions technique.

Discontinuing aftercare procedures too soon.

Infrequent or too much aftercare cleaning with over use of product.

Failure to perform long term simple daily aftercare procedure as a preventive.

Changing or switching out the jewelry too soon.

Reactive conditions from certain types of jewelry metals.

If you are certain about diligent cleaning and proper aftercare techniques, then other possibilities should be 

be re-examined. Occasionally, it may be discovered that the issue being experienced may be the outcome 

from none of these conditions mentioned. Some piercing related issues experienced may be mysterious. 

Problematic piercing can miraculously heal with simple solutions.

Some aftercare related piercing experiences require medical attention.

Go ahead and try the Emergensea Solution three times a day, for three days.

After the first few applications,

Look for some type of positive response in the next several hours or days.


Yes, with nails looking beautiful and long,

this can often be a hindrance when cleaning the back of the piercing.

It is important for proper compressions to be effective that finger nails be short

so that you’re able to successfully compress the skin that is closest to the back of the earring post.

This area can hold dead cell waste and other debris buildup.

After the soaking procedure, The compression technique must be close enough to

the post or ring of piercing site to ensure that the dead cell waste is being worked out of the

Ear Piercing during the aftercare cleaning procedure.


Sometimes after diligently cleaning a metal reaction can be the culprit. First we may start with changing to 

a titanium back then if still no Quick response we try changing to a titanium post and then go from there. 

Please let me know if the current jewelry style being worn is the original piercing jewelry.


Too much of any Aftercare procedures for certain individuals can be an issue.

This condition is not super common but can present an issue when it does occurs.

Diligent cleaning is important for the next 6 to 8 weeks

and then make sure to clean the piercing one time daily for the next several years.


Make sure that the backing is on the post correctly in it’s proper position.

Which is on the notch inscribed on the post.


In the course of the next several hours or days your piercing should exhibit some type of positive 

improvement. An ear piercing worsening,

or exhibiting little or no sign of improvement may be reassessed for further suggestions.


If conditions worsen or or you feel that you may need to see a physician for advice please do so.

A cream or ointment topical may be prescribed.

Let’s still keep in contact because a topical is not always the complete best solution

for replacing long term aftercare cleaning procedures needed for a successfully healed piercing.

The Best Preventive: Diligently follow the basic aftercare instructions and procedures

suggested in the Aftercare Consultation video, demo and instruction sheet.

Piercings Aftercare Related Issues & Aggravations.

Blisters, Bumps & Bubbles:

Accelerate healing into action when problematic aftercare or irritations are an issue.

Emergenrsea Solution is an excellent go to remedy when Piercing Issues are first noticed.

Positive results can appear in the first few hours after use,

though complete restoration may take days, weeks, months and even years.

This Powerful Emergensea Solution is for short term use only.

For conditions that show no improvement, plateau or recycle

Consult your DEH Registered Safe Art Practitioner for a re-evaluation.

Emergensea Solution Recipe:

Dissolve ¼ teaspoon of sea salt into 1 oz. of clean,

purified or bottled water in a clean bowl or applicator bottle.

A dash of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Shake or stir to dissolve. The Emergensea Solution is now ready for use.

Warming the water or sea salt solution prior is optional.

A clean cloth or tissues are needed for an effective compression technique.

Emergensea Compressions Procedure:

1. Always wash your hand thoroughly before and after cleaning or handling a any piercing

2. Prepare all the necessary Aftercare supplies.

Make and use the Standard Self-Made Sea Salt Solution for flushing out the debris and use the Emergensea Solution Recipe for the compress used during compression motions.

3. Start by thoroughly soaking and flushing out the piercings with very warm water from the faucet or a prepared applicator bottle for flushing purposes.

Tip: Aftercare procedures can efficiently and effectively be streamlined by using a generous amount of warm running water from the faucet by thoroughly soaking and flushing out any piercing,

4. Next flush or irrigate the piercing with a prepared Self-Made Sea Salt Solution

which can be applied from an applicator bottle or generously with clean cloth.

Standard Self-Made Sea Salt Solution Recipe for Daily Aftercare Procedures:

Dissolve ¼ teaspoon of sea salt into a clean, 8 oz. applicator bottle.

Fill with 8 oz. of clean, purified or bottled water.

Shake to dissolve.

The Sea Salt Solution is now ready for use.

Warming the water or Sea Salt Solution prior is optional.

Before proceeding to the next step be sure the piercing has been irrigated,

flushed and the dead cell waste has been loosened and soaked free.

5. After rinsing thoroughly with water, the piercing area is now ready for the application of Emegencsea 

Solution and the Compressions technique.

6. To apply the Compression Technique, saturate a clean cloth or tissue with the Emergensea Solution that 

has been prepared in a clean bowl or an applicator bottle.

7. Gently, yet firmly, grasp under the back of the jewelry while applying stabilized pressure to the front of the jewelry. Apply the compression motions to the backside and around the jewelry and piercing site. With the compression motions, attempt to drain the filled blister, bump, bubble or remove any dead cell waste by compressing out and flushing the fluids or debris away. Leaving traces of body fluids, debris or any dead cell waste can contribute to accumulations that can increase aftercare procedures, prolong healing or even present jewelry removal as a result.

8. Generously flush the affected piercing with water or the Standard Sea Salt Solution.

Followed by a final application of Emergensea Solution.

It is important to allow the Emergensea Solution to soak into the piercing

and dry naturally after the final flushing.

When using the Emergensea Solution for accelerated healing.

Noticeable improvements may be seen in as soon as 3 to 12 hours.

It can take weeks, months or even longer for piercing issues to completely diminish.

Do not excessively apply or over use any aftercare product.

If an aftercare product related irritation or excessive dryness is noticed,

Discontinue the use of that product at once and seek advice on alternative aftercare products.

PIERCING BALM: Use this only as directed and only as part of a short-term supplemental healing 

regimen for aggravated piercings. Proceed only if you are non-allergic to antibiotic spray or ointment.

For maximum results, before applying Piercing Balm be sure to prepare the affected piercing by thoroughly 

cleaning the area and applying sufficient compression motions.

Mix antibiotic product with a few granules of Sea Salt and add a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Mix into a paste and apply sparingly to front and back of the piercing site.

Do not excessively apply or over use any aftercare product.

If an aftercare product related irritation or excessive dryness is noticed,

discontinue the use of that product at once and seek advice on alternative aftercare products.



Piercing Balm